Powered by the inspiration of a recipe filled conversation at the table,
Food by Anita cooks with purpose and passion in the oven and recipes for success in mind.

A food creator with a passion and expertise in
delicious desserts and building authentic brands, a visionary entrepreneur,
mom of two and a chocolate chip cookie lover with big dreams.

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What can Food by Anita do for YOU?

“Food by Anita” is dedicated to women dreaming BIG. Women who are driven by their purpose. Only by living in an authentic way, we lay a solid foundation to build up – whether it’s a successful brand, a company, an enthusiastic team, a loyal community, a delicious dessert. Only then life is filled with abundance and joy because we do what we love.

Building authentic brands with simple ingredients through workshops, one-on-one sessions, retreats and sharing plant-based recipes, Anita utilizes her expertise from launching her own successful global food brands to guide others to nourish their minds and build an empire of their own.

Effortless. Impactful. Аuthentic.

Recent Event

Food Ceremony: Jungle
Tea, Yoga & Brunch

November 2019
Lisbon, Portugal

The third Food ceremony edition is an intimate gathering in the (urban) Jungle – in silence, wilderness and abundance let’s just be, in the present moment, to feel, observe, remember and reconnect to our true authentic self using all senses. Tea, Breathe, Sound, Food, Silence, Chocolate, Connection – a feast for all senses.


Most Popular Recipe

Banana Bread Donuts with Dark Chocolate Glaze


Donut shape rules! This one is special! Super easy vegan banana bread recipe. I never get to the topping part, donuts are gone in no time. Finally, having fun and experiment with toppings on the last five donuts that survived the night. As always vegan and no refined sugar. Gluten-free option available.


Autumn Recipe

Chestnut & White chocolate Bliss Balls

Chestnuts, warm socks, fireplaces, are all in season now. These plant-based treats are easy to make and incredibly delicious. Soft, sweet, salty, caramel-like, grounding, vegan and gluten-free. Pecan nuts and white chocolate on top make them super special.


Come, sit at my table. Experience Food by Anita.

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