Powered by the inspiration of a recipe filled conversation at the table,
Food by Anita cooks with purpose and passion in the oven and recipes for success in mind.

A food creator with a passion and expertise in
delicious food and building authentic brands, a visionary & serial entrepreneur,
mom of two and a chocolate chip cookie lover.

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“Food by Anita” space is dedicated to YOU! Only by living our authentic self, we lay a solid foundation to build up – whether it’s a successful brand, a company, an enthusiastic team, a loyal community, a delicious dessert. Only then life is filled with abundance and joy because we do what we love. Effortlessly. Impactful. Аuthentic.

My current offerings

Book a Food Ceremony:
Tea & Brunch

Let me sprinkle some sacred magic dust to your mornings. For millions of years, people were gathering around the fire, where they cultivated rituals, relationships and expanded. A warm bowl of ancient tea leaf elixir served in beautiful settings allows us TO LET GO & TO BE in the present moment, to feel, observe, remember and reconnect to our true authentic self using all senses in stillness and silence.


Let me be your
Retreat Chef

Our hands are an expansion of our heart. Cooking plant-based meals on high-end retreats is my favorite meditation in motion. I bring authenticity, simple, localy grown, organic, seasonable and beautifully served food to the table. For you! To be nourished, feel the abundance and experience the gifts of Mother Earth. Food created with good intention and love is a powerful tool and impacts body, mind, soul.


Simple Plant-based

Pasta heaven made simple. This easy and extremly quick meal is my all time favorite weeknight nourishment. Fresh pasta, artichokes, cappers, sun-dried tomatoes, good quality olive oil, garlic and fresh basil is all you need to recreate this gorgeous plate.

This and many more simple, quick and delicious recipes are available to you for free.
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Come, sit at my table. Let me serve you! Experience Food by Anita. The most celebrated plant-based Recipes are here.

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