I’m Anita!

A culinary artist, food photographer, ceremony host and breathworker. An intuitive, visionary & entrepreneur birthing international and authentic food brands. A mother of two awesome beings. Woman. Human. Mastering her new chapter in Mallorca, inspired daily by the abundance of the surrounding nature, plants, people, crafts, slowness and beauty. Devoted to share with the world in this time and space “Food Ceremony” – a soulful project with an ever expanding heart, where sacred ceremonies are weaved into intuitive cooking workshops, as well as exquisite retreats and gatherings. Explore the upcoming events and online workshops here.

I am also known as the recipe creator and brand visionary behind the energy bars  Roobar and Kookie Cat cookies which are now both sold and recognized internationally in the organic food industry. While running a seven-figure business, I empowered a team of 80 professionals to work towards a purpose-driven cause – that is, to offer an alternative in the snack industry.

Late in the summer of 2018 was pivotal momentum – I departed from company ties with success, got divorced, moved partly to Spain, and embraced a new beginning. Now, mindfully building Food by Anita as a safe space to encourage other humans to authentically live, reconnect to their heart and cook with passion.

Rewind and this is how it all began…

I started my business, marriage and welcomed newborn baby Zohar (Shining) all together back in 2006. I was tired of sitting on a computer day and night and so, I changed it. My career switched from a graphic designer to food creator – quite a positive yet transitional jump. I am a sweets addict that skipped the refined sugar in my desserts and decided to be a vegetarian. Then I discovered that I was not the only one. From there, I found salvation in my tiny kitchen and decided to work towards building the first ever organic store in my hometown Sofia, Bulgaria. As I consciously let go of my designer profile, I became a store owner selling yogurt.

Three years, a second store and a new baby girl Alex later, I felt an authentic attraction to keep going. After a constant financial struggle, a 24/7 commitment to the stores and rarely a holiday or maternity break, my husband and I decided to open a bakery in the main store.

And there I was ‐ behind the counter, showing up for my purpose long before I could call myself ready or professional. While putting all my passion into every dessert that I made, I was also intentionally focused on bringing back the emotion and great taste in food.

Customers were happy. I was happy and exhausted. Running back and forth to bake batches and batches of goods between breastfeeding was the only way to make it. That is how I got into simple, easy and fast recipes. There was no other choice. I made my muscles from the heavy and thick cookie dough. Safe to say that after 12 months I was ready to invest in a mixer. Growing step by step, keeping the vision through each stage.

I started a business with a 500Euro oven, a table, my own recipes and loads of enthusiasm. During that time, I was so broke, I felt there was nothing to lose. So, I put my passion to work and watched it bake up.


In 2012 the Roo Brands Company was established together with two co‐founders. There was no business plan, except to conquer the German market. Production began in a basement with the same oven, table, and mixer that had been overused from the shop. After a while, I barely saw the sun and soon felt like a vampire. The products were niche and there were no ready solutions. With zero investment, perfect timing and one employee, we were all wearing a thousand hats but conquering feat. During the first two years, we were selling in 25 countries and within the sixth year, in more than 50 countries on six continents.

That is why sales, purpose, passion and devotion call for a good mix! The authentic brands that I created are loved and embraced by all cultures and ages. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the daily healthier snacking of millions of people. I invested in the company with full attention to detail, strict values, keeping the start‐up mindset, the drive to improve every day all while appreciating everyone in the process and preserving my authenticity. In reward, I had an empowered team of 80 professionals, award‐winning products and a loyal community. This is the way I believe brands and companies should be built to sustain and be loved (forever).

I was so naive to think that I could at least change the sweets people eat worldwide. And then, I did it. It has been a wild yet joy-filled venture – I call it a 12-years overnight success!

It was all learned the hard way. So, now it is time to share my experience with entrepreneurs & creatives like you to create brands that are authentic and genuine while supporting you through your entrepreneurial voyage. While working together, I create wholesome, simple and indulgent recipes to nourish your journey as you build your empire. My promise is to keep it juicy, honest and filter free.

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