School Lunch Weekly Menu

Hello School!

I’m excited to share some easy and simple recipes for the whole week. We need fresh, seasonal veggies. We need pulses, pasta and potatoes. We need a variety of fruits.

I promise, your kids will love to eat this food.

All of these ideas are simple and don’t even take any extra time in your day. I spent 10-15 minutes preparing food for my kids every morning while we chat at the counter in our kitchen. We do it together! Kids are involved and prepared for their nutritious meal.



What kids like:

fresh, colorful food

simple recipes

beautifully served

to be part of the process of cooking/preparing


What busy moms and dads like:

healthy kids

to see the kids eating at school

to make it cool to bring your own homemade food

to cook in no time

to have a plan

shop all at once, (Sunday is a great day for that)

ready cooked pulses 🙂


The menu:


Day 1

Basmati rice sprinkled with black sesame, peas, corn, cherry tomatoes, spelt pancake with marmalade, raw bar with mulberry, dates and nuts, and apple.

Day 2

Sandwich with cheese, lettuce, carrots, peppers, cucumbers and alfalfa sprouts, cooked chestnuts, pear.

Day 3

Baked potatoes with olive oil and thyme, salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted sunflower seeds, wholegrain spelt biscuit.

Day 4

Chickpeas, cucumbers, cabbage salad with carrots, cherry tomatoes, stuffed pepper with cheese, dates, walnut, banana and grapes.

Day 5

Pasta with basil, sunflower, cherry tomatoes and avocado, orange, mini fruit bar, muesli with yoghurt, oatmeal and berries and honey.


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