Retreat/ Private chef

Cooking plant-based meals on high-end retreats is my favourite meditation in motion. I infuse each meal with vibrancy and authenticity. Making sure the food is pure, nutrient dense, respecting the seasonal and locally grown produce, honoring the Mediteranian land. I love to bring not only beautiful inspiring food to the table but to reveal wisdoms & stories which are interwoven into the creation of each recipe. Those stories shaped my journey and continue to fuel my culinary expressions. The guests adore it!

On a deeper level, beyond feeding the physical body, my intention is to invite a more conscious way of relating to food, to refine the senses, and let flavours, textures play their game and seduce, so that one feels in peace, balanced and well nourished by the abundance of Mother Earth.

Food by Anita is cooked with high-quality organic and natural ingredients, using functional plants (adaptogens) so that what you have on your plate is a powerful tool that nourishes body, mind, soul.

Serving Food as Ceremony.

On the Menu

I offer creative plant-based food, which it’s mainly gluten free, except the local sourdough bread (gluten free option available on request). The meals are diverse, prepared fresh, from scratch, and on spot. Some of my signature items are turmeric black pepper chickpeas tacos, home made cashew cheese spread, mango jasmine mousse, strawberry kombucha and sauerkraut. I highly value are the local artichokes, olives, the soft sun-dried tomatoes, the best tasting juicy oranges, avocados, the salty flakes, and the olive oil which people call “golden liquid” for a reason. Treasures are as well the freshly picked aromatic herbs and edible flowers from my kitchen garden in Soller.

The menu is in tune with the season and could be adapted according to the theme of the retreat. For the climate specifics of the island of Mallorca, I recommend serving brunch, afternoon snacks and dinner, but i remain flexible if any other way suits better your concept.

Additional Services

Often times clients add additional services to the program. One of the conveniences is that you’re going to have one point contact for it all. I’m happy I can offer such diversity of unique experiences.

Sacred tea ceremony for mornings or the closing ceremony (sharing circle) with cacao ceremony and sounds. Linked here.

Birthday cake or surprise ceremony for any of your retreat participants. Linked here.

Cooking classes are available to be included in the program. Linked here.

Power afternoon snacks, iced teas, smoothies and adaptogen elixirs.

Delivery of a fruit and nut basket or the desserts for the whole duration of the retreat.

Photographing highlight of the retreat.

Rebirthing Breathwork – individual and group sessions.

I’m happy to support you with recommendation of retreat places and stunning ceremony spots.

The Retreat chef service is available in Mallorca and overseas..
It will be an honor to create a rich and delicious experience for you and your guests! Get in touch for a personalised experience and offer.


Love notes

“Your devotion to beautiful food, your artistry, the quality of every ingredient, the care you pour into every detail… you made this retreat 100 times more exquisite.”

Amy Rushworth


“Her food was amazing. Before the trip I wasn’t so much in touch with vegan food and Anita’s showed me that it can be very yummy!”

retreat participant


“Thank you, it was absolutely amazing – the desserts and the kombucha were the sweetest touch, literally and metaphorically. Vibrant food for vibrant bodies.”

Ewelina Bubanja