Cacao & Divine Sweets Ceremony

Welcome to a series of online ceremonies – a deep immersion into the depths of our tender heart. We’ll journey through a series of practices – breathwork, a gentle meditation to integrate the polarities – consciousness and energy, feminine and masculine, the active mind and the longings of our heart. A state in which acceptance creates spaciousness to cultivate, compassion, softness, kindness, patience, love, togetherness.

Come in, within, and let yourself be guided by the ceremonial grade cacao, the love frequency of the rose, and the divine dessert, birthed with great intention. Together we create a sacred space where conscious humans gather and share what inspires, transforms, challenges or soothes us. It’s a journey of remembering how to feel ourselves fully, while being among others.

26 MARCH 2023
18-19:30 CET, SUNDAY

Ticket price: 11 EUR /per screen

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Price starts at 11 eur per screen. Select an amount that feels right for you.

On the Menu

Embodiment practice
Sacred cacao ceremony
Heart-centred Meditation
Divine Sweets tasting
Sharing circle/ Integration

How to prepare

Bring to the space your intention, an object (something meaningful and dear to you), perhaps something you found in nature – a flower, stone… Make it cozy – whatever that means for you. Together we will light a candle, so have all that is needed by your side.

Perhaps you want to invite in your life a unique Ceremony Bowl or simply select a cup/ mug you already have. Prepare in advance the ceremonial cacao drink (alternative recipe will be provided) and a little divine sweet for you to ground and seal the practice. Have your journal closely, as I’ll invite you to let your thoughts, insights, memories, words to flow freely on paper, exactly where they belong.

While you prepare yourself, your space, drink, and dessert – be intentional and fully present. This is the most precious gift you can give to your soul.


Anita, a culinary artist, ceremony and breathwork facilitator, plant based chef and entrepreneur in health food industry, but most importantly a gentle, compassionate space holder.


It’s an intimate gathering, please book only if you intend to participate live (virtually).
Recording will NOT be provided to respect the group’s dynamic and intimacy in the space we create in exactly this moment.

Only a prepaid ticket guarantees you a spot!
All purchased tickets are non-refundable.

Food by Anita (the organizer) reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change the venue, date, and time of the event should unforeseen circumstances occur.


We awaken all our senses.

We cultivate space for inner peace.

We connect by gently dancing in nature, in the kitchen and beyond.

We co-create.

Magic happens when we come together with great intention.