New York, New York… Top 5 Tips for Dining Out Plant based

My selection for great plant based food in New York!

The Butcher’s Daughter

Highlights: watermelon salad + fermented watermelon + the best dressing ever! They own a shop next door.

Bluestone Lane

Highlights: Avocado toast is the new Bagel. Bluestone Lane serve the best avo toast in town! Vegan options available.

Peacefood Cafe

Highlights: the cakes, all vegan. Layered pie with sweet potato, spinach, tofu scrumble.


Cha Cha Matcha & Dig In

Highlights: Beautiful place in pale pink and jungle green for your favorite green elixir! Dig In is nearby, great for lunch, always too busy.



Highlights: The Ketchup. Beetroot ketchup. Amazing. Desserts by Chloe are next door.



Bouley Botanical

Cooper and wilderness for your special event.

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