Minty Raspberry N’Ice Cream


Taste the summer with a ridiculously quick recipe for home-made nice cream. Only plants involved, no ice cream machine needed. Millions of flavor options. The best way to serve is soft or frozen, on top of a pancake stack, in between oat cookies, in a cone, or skip the cone, in a cup or with waffles, indoors and outdoors, a few times a day, every day, you name it, it’s all legal.

Why I love n’ice cream? Seriously? Who would ask that?
– super easy & quick to prepare. Ready in 12 minutes.
– omg, all the possible flavor options, you can’t go wrong
– invest in high-quality ingredients for a high-quality outcome
– no added sugar or sweetener. I mean, you can add a little maple syrup.
– teenager approved! Really, really important 😉


15 min or less
makes 8-10 medium scoops


All you need

1 1/2 cup (2-3 bananas) frozen banana pieces
1 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 can (200 ml) coconut milk
2 tbsp maple syrup, optional
a few fresh peppermint leaves



Sprinkle some magic

maple syrup
coconut yogurt
extra frozen raspberries
mint leaves

How to make

Place the frozen bananas, berries, and coconut milk in a food processor or blender and process until smooth. Pause to taste. Add sweetener, I recommend maple syrup for a more ecstatic experience. Serve immediately or bring to the freezer to chill a bit more in case it got softer in the meantime. Store in the freezer, take out a few minutes before serving. Enjoy within 2-3 days.

Decorate or don’t. It’s delicious by nature. Great job!


Delicious Notes: 

Use your favorite berries. But remember, if you go for larger fruit pieces, like strawberries, give them some time to unfreeze (10 min will do the work), it simply makes it easier for your blending machine.

Sweetener – Maple syrup is my all-time favorite, combines a special sweetness and caramel flavor in one.

Nut milk – you can use any milk, but the extra creaminess comes from the tick part of your coconut milk. Replaceable with young coconut meat.

Mint – you could use a tiny tiny drop of high-quality peppermint essential oil for the ultimate minty experience.

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