Welcome to a magnificent journey of exploration and expanding your capacity to take in life fully – inspired and liberated. It’s a heart centred work, where breathwork is the modality that we step on. It has been one of the most powerful and transformative therapies on my healing journey. One builds resilience, regulates the nervous system and allows to experience each state of our human experience with a sense of deep relaxation, ultimately welcoming a sensation of union, increased clarity and PRESENCE. All of these by using only BREATH.

It’s a Mentorship opportunity to cultivate peace, clarity and trust, to become empowered, responsible (able to respond not react) and feel expansion in every breath, choice and step throughout your life.

It’s a pathway to the heart.



This is where we meet ourselves fully – the HEART space – a powerful center, it radiates, manifest, sends love into the world and has utmost intelligence (even more than our brain). We aim to go there and experience that it’s safe to be radically honest with oneself, sweet and soft, patient, kind, courageus, or simply more loving… CONNECTED to the universal wisdom, our DIVINE nature.



Rebirthing Breathwork is a somatic based technique, bringing us back in the body, its wisdom and intelligence. By allowing energy – breath to flow through our system it energises the parts in us that were neglected or store enormous amounts of tension and stress. As a result of the oxygenation from the gentle circular and consistent breathing, the inconvenient truths from the subconscious start to appear, as well as old trauma responses are released through emotional or physical expressions. Those might have been stuck in the body for ages… most probably since our birth.

In this work we aim to free the breathing mechanism that one adopts in result of those traumatic experiences happened during gestation, birth trauma or early childhood that created imprints which secretly are ruling our life. It’s a fact, that we people tend to be very loyal to those unconscious believes. Those “survival” strategies were “working” back then as a compensation for a “primal need” (like feeling safe, heard, loved, seen, or just being good enough). As we evolve – become more conscious – and we no longer are willing to compromise – we say YES to the deep desire for a fulfilling life and those strategies create a dissonance and simply do not work. 

This is dedicated 1:1 work.

Group Breathwork Ceremonies available on request.


Each session is absolutely unique and a completely new opportunity! Each inhale is an opportunity to take in life fully, each exhalation a chance to surrender and relax. One can have a profound first sessions with big release, insights and the feeling of ultimate connection with oneself and the Cosmos or not. That of course, depends on the person, and the responsibility and readiness one has to take the breath through the resistance – aka expectations, controlling. With the professional guidance of a breathwork therapist – one can reach the “places of truth”, which one can’t access on its own, or not always, and not as deep, simply because ego is here to “protect”.

Practicing connected conscious breath with a trained breathwork practitioner for one hour can bring one into miraculous states of bliss – altered states of consciousness, or one could experience the deepest relaxation one has ever felt. This is not only truly inspiring as it balances the nervous system, but also it is where healing happens and trauma is being naturally dissolved, sometimes without even going into “the story”! Often times when in healing mode we get stuck in the stories and it feels endless. For me healing means to acknowledge what happened, how one felt, to be witnessed with compassion, but to remain focused on one’s wellbeing and fuel the vision, goals, desires with vital energy and attitude of self responsibility.

My role as mentor and breathwork facilitator is to guide you through any resistance on this journey. I hold space gently, with all my presence, empathy and softness, with commitment to be by your side until you start to breathe more efficiently: free, fully, effortless. Based on your needs, goals and my intuitive feeling I add different heart-centred practices to bring ease or energy, introducing practices to process whatever comes up during the sessions and the time in between sessions. I provide loving aftercare and support.



Integrating is a crucial part of the experience. By adding powerful practices to continue to deepen our relationship with self, feel the flow of energy, cultivate/ generate and circulate energy. A dedicated practice and connection with Nature – the elements is essential, therefore a practice, ritual or journaling task will be assigned for a continuous evolvement and a fulfilling fully integrated experience.

 The practices may include journaling, dancing, shaking, meditative walks in nature, working with the elements, exercises from Kundalini yoga, Tantra, Daoist practices – “Cha Dao – the way of Tea” ceremony and Qigong.


 of Conscious Breathwork (selection)

profound states of relaxation and bliss

release of repressed emotions

increased life force energy

neutralising the cellular memory in the body

deep connection to your intuition, inner child, heart, essence, Universe

increased mental clarity

lightness in the physical body

healing and grounding



you are on the path of self development

you wish to empower yourself in any aspect of your life

you feel it’s time to experience yourself as fully embodied being

to learn how to regulate/balance your nervous system

you want to improve your relationships and navigate your emotions

you want to gain more clarity and connect with your purpose

want to really get to know yourself

you suffer from anxiety

up-level your creative and sexual expression

you feel a strong calling to work with me and this work




My personal experience of healing, accepting and loving myself more, involved a big dose of being devoted to different breathwork techniques. As i embarked on each stage of my healing journey and to finally aim to become a certified Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator, i’ve been guided to stay consistent for a few years with Sudarshan Kriya by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Somatic/ Holotropic breathing weekly for one year with a therapist, Chakra & sexual breathing from the Tantric lineage, practicing Qi Gong – the mastery of generating and moving energy through the body and space, as well as becoming a student and teacher of Kundalini yoga technology. This sums good 15 years of active breathwork experience that has build my confidence, resilience, to be more courageous, loving, to fully feeling my body and welcome my emotions, to get out of numbness to fully embodied sexuality, to transform suppressed rage and anger to fuel my vision and creativity, to meet my darkest deepest pain, fears and by that to befriend a little bit more the big “unknown”. That all builds up magnetic presence, combined with my motherly energy – an anchor for your soul’s remembrance and embodied experience.  


Before selecting and booking a session or package, I invite you on an exploration call – what usually works best is a 15 min video interview to get a feeling of each other, your goals and desires.
Please apply to start the process and feel free to include your questions.

APPLY by sending me an e-mail



If you feel overwhelmed and in doubt which package is the right for you, no worries, we can discuss this during our exploration call.

NOTE: All purchases are final and non-refundable.


This is a one time experience for you to taste the depth and power of this technique. to work on a specific theme or a goal is welcome to be set before the session, but is not necessary. A deep reset, inviting a state of relaxation, clarity and safety are the most common sensations post rebirthing breathwork. One session can be a profound experience, inspiring and empowering.


1 session (1:30 to 2 hours)
Active Breathwork
Integration and sharing
Assignment of daily practice
Aftercare via WhatsApp

online or in-person

Price: 150€


Choosing a package of three sessions is a great opportunity to start feeling how the work builds up over time, with each single session one feels safer and can explore in depth the emotional and physical sensations arising on the surface. It takes a few sessions to melt away the resistance and reconnect to one’s divinity and truth. 


3 session (each 1:30 to 2 hours)
Active Breathwork
Integration and sharing
Assignment of daily practice
Aftercare via WhatsApp

online or in-person

Price: 400€


A mentoring package of 10 sessions is a long term commitment if you are willing to fully get to know yourself. In each session we will work through a specific aspects of your life, based on your goals or by being divinely guided by what comes up as a theme – what is ripe to be dissolved. Ten is the recommended number of sessions to open the breathing mechanism, to breathe fully and free for a tremendous shift in your energetic and physical body. Ideally, sessions are held one per week over the course of 3 months. 


10 sessions (each 1:30 to 2 hours)
Active Breathwork
Integration and sharing
Assignment of daily practice
Aftercare via WhatsApp

online or in-person

Price: 1100€



One session is 2h long where the active breathing is approximately 1 hour. The time before or after is for the mentoring process, for sharing and integration or simply to hold space for you.

The sessions are held in-person, indoor or in nature (it’s powerful when the elements interact with the journey), and Online via Zoom. 

 No previous experience needed.

After each session I will ask you to fill a feedback form describing your physical and emotional experience. Free journaling and radical self-care, quality quiet time with oneself, a purifying dip in a natural water body or a ritual bath are highly recommended after a session.

I invite you to step into each session without expectations.

Your trust and presence are essential.



Rebirthing Breathwork is not recommended for specific health conditions like Epilepsy, Diagnosis of Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, or previous psychiatric condition. If you are in doubt, it is always advised to consult a healthcare professional before committing to a rebirthing breathwork session. 

Pregnant women can experience a short session, as it is said that the body is fully alive and does not need longer active breathwork. It’s a great opportunity to work on one’s own birth trauma to not transmit the energetics to the new born. 



“I feel immensely grateful for this practice that allows me to get a little closer to myself. To continue to heal. I awakened after breathing for more than an hour, witnessing my body’s response, the resistances that emerge in the form of numbness and control, and the wisdom that emanates from every cell of my body. I was reborn, rooted into the earth, feeling the weight and presence of my entire being. Breathing. Connected with Life and Nature. Thank you, Anita, for your guidance and accompaniment. Thank you for this expansion.”

– Nadia

“It’s like giving birth to the purest form of yourself.”

– Ana

“Thank you for accompanying me, I really surrendered to what was happening within me, with less control. I have the feeling that energetically I was very blocked. Immensely grateful for your presence and guidance.”

– Marie

It’s an honour to support your remembrance of your divine nature. 

with deep care, Anita