Malta recreation

First, how did I end up here? One of my team members sent me a request to buy a book, later he sent me a link to a podcast. This lead to a life changing experience. I bought the book “This Cheese is Nuts by Julie Piatt; I bought two copies, one for him, one for me. The same evening I listened to the recommended podcast with Rich Roll, and Julie mentioned about the Beloved retreat. I felt it’s the right thing to do and I booked immediately. I followed my intuition. The right thing to do.

Two weeks later I arrived in Malta, on a beautiful sunny day.
On my second visit in Malta, I’m feeling a deep connection to this land. And I love the jungle-like wilderness around me. The quiet evenings. Even waking up at 5am is pleasant. Wearing jumpsuits all day. Walking around the tiny streets. I love it.

When we started the RooBar business, I visited Malta for the very first time. I entered a local shop, and I found a dessert made of dried fruits and nuts. Wow, it is what RooBar is. They said it’s a 4000-year-old traditional recipe.


I’m on a mission to spread this simple idea of healthy plant based food in this modern crazy world we live in.

Photo: Tea ceremony at 6am on the edge of a 100m high cliff. Sunrise meditation follows.

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