Gift Vouchers

Nothing will be remembered more than a shared conscious moment, a gesture of love and utmost presence shared with intention. Please, contact me for more details, tailored experiences and to set the day for your precious GIFT to become a reality. The Gift Voucher will be send in a digital format ready to print. A paper version is available on demand.

Gift a Divine Sweets Experience

In this guided Divine Sweets cooking experience we will develop skills to create easy and gorgeous raw desserts and connect to the alchemy of cacao, rose and crystal bowls. It’s a journey of becoming confident in the heart, kitchen and beyond, to have trust in our outcomes, and allow our creativity to flourish, to liberate our spirit, and transform ingredients into soul-nourishing divine tasting desserts with the attitude from ceremony. An experience were we remember the sweetness of being heart centered, peaceful, playful, authentic. Includes a Cacao ceremony, meditation and crystal bowl sounds. This gift voucher offers a single spot at a public Divine sweets event in Mallorca.

1 spot at public event 55€
private event from 200€

Gift a Cooking Class

Together, we will develop skills to prepare, cook and bake, ferment, but mainly to become confident, and have trust in our outcomes. We will transform plants into soul-nourishing divine tasting food. If my values touch your heart – to be flexible in the kitchen, simple and quick, honour each ingredient and the seasons and focus to bring the best out of each ingredient with a creative, healthy and fresh touch. To beautifully serve food is an art and if it’s important for you I’ll teach you how to snap a few stunning photos as well. Let’s bring the Food as ceremony vibe into your kitchen and life.

2h long class 100€
theme by your choice

Gift a Ceremony & Divine Sweets tasting

In silence and stillness we begin an intimate journey of reconnection to our essence, a remembrance to speak the language of the heart. It’s a beautiful process worth sharing with a beloved, dear friend with a family member. It’s a refinement of our self-sensory experience – we listen, feel, taste, observe, awaken our senses. Select a Cha Dao tea ceremony or Cacao ceremony to be gently guided into the depths of your soul. In partnership with nature, magical sounds from alchemy crystal bowls and koshi. Divine Sweets ground us and reconnect to the pleasure and joy which only food can spark.

80€ for 2 people
additional person +25€