Food Ceremony: Divine Sweets

The Gift Box – December limited edition

May this collection of six soulful desserts be a nourishing and grounding experience, a gentle awakening of all our senses, a sweet surrender, a remembrance, a celebrative reconnection to earth and our essence.

Each piece is carefully and intentionally created
by using only raw, organic, pure & powerful adaptogenic plant ingredients,
nuts, fruits, and a drop of local lemon honey (in the coconut delights).

The box contains 6 desserts | Net Wt. 120g
plant-based + honey | gluten-free | no added sugar


On the Menu

Let’s begin our journey…
(the box contains one piece of each flavour)

– nourishment –

Chaga Hazelnut Bonbon

dates, hazelnuts, cacao powder,
coconut oil, adaptogens: chaga mushrooms,
maca powder, ginger, salt crystals.

A connection with earth, an intention to care, feel, accept and nourish ourselves. As we stay close to earth the source of life, we lay a good foundation. We root to receive. Earthy, nutty, fungi, adaptogenic ingredients support our work.


– inner peace –

Coconut Lime Delight

desicated coconut, coconut oil,
lemon blossom honey,
lime juice and zest, dark chocolate
on a base of dates, almonds, cacao powder.

To create spaciousness within we need to pause. B silent. Invite yourself into a place where time does not exist. Inner peace is pure acceptance of what is. And we become lighter, want to play and taste even more the sweet nectar of life.


– abundance –

Raspberry Coconut Delight

desiccated coconut, coconut oil,
lemon blossom honey, lemon juice and zest,
dark chocolate, beetroot powder, raspberry.

Abundance is available at any moment and for everyone. Dive into the potential of your inner richnest, multi dimensional nature. All flavours dance in one bite. Wait for the aftertaste.


– love –

Rose & Pistachio Bonbon

dark chocolate, coconut milk,
maple syrup, pistachio, rose petals, maca,
beetroot powder, sea salt crystals.  

Let’s stay in the heart for a little while. It’s rose alchemy infused chocolate. Discover what the soft and adaptogen fueled ganash underneath the pistachio crunch will reveal.


– surrender –

Minty Matcha Bliss Ball

dates, cashews, almonds, cacao powder,
dark chocolate, ceremonial grade matcha,
peppermint essential oil, sea salt crystals. 

Breath deep, it’s a remembrance of the earthy airy minty fresh dark chocolate realms. Matcha keeps us alert.


– gratitude –

Orange Ginger Ball

cashews, dates, dark chocolate,
orange zest, ginger, turmeric, cinamon,
sea salt crystals.

Orange joy and bitter chocolate bring excitement for your senses. There’s nothing more to add. We remain open for life’s treasures and in gratitude.


Food as Ceremony

I invite you to open the box and surrender. To speak the language of the heart we need to create the time, space and simply observe. Sense. Check in. Feel with our whole being.

I’m on a lifelong journey to redefine desserts as a celebration of life. Food for me is joy, abundance, enhancing, passion, a playful interaction with flavours. Food has depth and power to transform our relationship with ourselves and nature. Through Food we cultivate a more conscious, meaningful, shared experience – exactly what our souls are craving the most. I believe food must be pure – to not mess up with our system and brain, mask our feelings and needs. Food is a tool to connect to our essence. We humans have been gathering around fire with food, songs, and in silent admiration – as a reverence to the Earth that holds us and gifts us with her treasures unconditionally.

This precious gift box is a divinatory tool for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for choosing the
Food Ceremony Divine Sweets Gift Box!

This gift box was an offering available in the month of December. You are very welcome to get in touch with me anytime to purchase and have delivered a larger celebration box for your family feast or public event. 

Thank you! Love you!