Food Photography & Styling

Capturing light, colors, tastes and stories. I style in natural surroundings, while objects are generously kissed by the rays of sunlight. I strongly believe that it’s important to capture food in a way that is delivering a sense of abundance, deep connection to earth, to inspire and cultivate appreciation for imperfect beauty and intriguing storytelling. The raw sweetness of a bit messy kitchen counter, ingredients being playful, and food that seduces unapologetically.

Recipe Development

I’m a professional food technologist, an experienced plant based and gluten free recipe creator. My contribution to the plant based scene worldwide and expertise in organic food production, as well being a graphic designer and authentic branding professional contributes to my offering where the beautiful visuals, are supported by deep intention, heart and a strong brand signature as a foundation in each project.

Currently, I work with international food brands, creating their campaigns and social media visuals including short videos. I develop recipes for there blogs and produce catalog photos. I appreciate working with individuals and companies that have a purpose, strong virtues and ethics in business.

I’m based in Mallorca, Spain, yet available to deliver work worldwide.

 For recipe development, food styling and photography service, please get in touch.


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