What is a Food Ceremony?

“Food Ceremony” is a soulful space with an ever expanding heart, where sacred ceremonies are weaved into intuitive cooking workshops, as well as exquisite retreats and gatherings. Anita’s greatest passions are to cultivate inner peace and to transform plant ingredients into soul-nourishing alchemy for all senses. Every bite of it is birthed with devotion and the intention to bring expansion and to guide us into experiencing ourself fully, to reconnect with the elements, our breath, food and pleasure. An invitation to remember our sweetness, our truth – divinity – essence.

“Experiencing Food as ceremony is a celebration
for all senses, a delicious shortcut to our inner peace
and a high vibrational nourishment.”

Food Ceremony started as series of carefully curated outdoor experiences that bring us in union with ourselves. In silence, stillness, while nature plays its sacred sounds, by sipping on ancient ceremonial tea, and nourishing ourselves with high-vibe food by Anita. We activate all our senses, we arrive into the present moment, to remember and reconnect to our truth. The Breath, Tea, Sound, Food, Silence, Chocolate, Smell, Conscious Flow, and Connection – all together, are shortcuts to experience a rich, abundant, very intimate celebration. This format continues to inspire and bring together conscious individuals to form a healthy community.

This unique program is a powerful toolbox, based on my experience and infinite explorations. I learned to surrender and to be – not only to do. I  finally began living myself fully, to embody light, and love, while facing and embracing my shadows.

The offered ceremonies are based on the elements and the primal winds from the mountain, sea, desert, and jungle. They support an opening to a place of stillness – a sacred space where inspiration is born and healing happens. A safe place to feel what is, embrace our feelings and allow the sacred frequency of love towards the surrounding nature to nurture and unfold us to new opportunities and more refined life experiences. The anxiety, stress, and uncertainty we face in our current life circumstances are a gentle wake-up call for us to establish new sustainable habits and to allow the answers, love, and connection to rise from within.

Arriving home is a process that requires YOU

Be kind and respect your divine timing and personal pace. The practices don’t require anything but your active participation in non-doing. We are not awake and asleep at the same time. That’s the beauty of life. Come to the event stepping gently and silently, be soft. Softness is extremely powerful.

The program consists of four circles. Although you could drop in during select ones that can be experienced separately, the program does have continuity. Coming to all four doesn’t guarantee you a deeper experience, but if you feel drawn to come to all, you will cultivate more softness and establish new habits in a safe group. All modules are open to everyone, no previous experience or preparation is needed. Come with pure intentions, take a seat in the circle, and trust the mystery of nature as our truest guide.

The Four Circles

Mountain – Earth – Body – Clarity

Observation, connection to home, family, nourishment, care for loved ones and oneself, kindness, patience with self, stability, grounding, protection, blessing, breath, soil, crystal, steel, rock, stone, wood, stability, tree hug, roots, purpose, self-worth, value, letting go of false security, being stuck in the mud, and finding joy anyway. 

Sea – Water – Flow – Liberation

Liberated heart, abundance, circulation, receptivity, trust, love, self-acceptance, wave, ability to self-accomplish, being enough, flow, expression, waterfall, mystery, movement, rain, rainbow, the essence of life, cold, restart, facing fear, surrender, detach, mirror, self-love. Embody the love you want to see. 

Desert – Fire – Spirit – Transformation

Warmth, compassion, transformation, sun, flame, charge, burning, facing one’s truth, shaking off, dance, deep-dive, adaptable, resilience, material, opportunity, harsh times, water can be found deep underground, source of life, finding answers deep within, alignment, divine timing.

Jungle – Air – Breath – Remembrance

Breath, song, cosmos, sound, space, evaporate, remembrance, truth, oneness, radiance, vivid dreams, mind, thoughts, cosmos, ether, particles, color, abundance, moist, birds, listen with your heart, exploration, freedom, union.

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Sacred tea ceremony to cultivate self-care and experience stillness in our hearts
Delicious high-quality rare teas
Nature’s healing sounds
Chocolate meditation


Concious yoga practices
Refining the self-sensory experience
Sound journey
Otdoor experiences


Creative plant-based food
Sensual eating rituals
Picnic style

Sharing circle
Like-minded humans

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