Food Ceremony – the retreat

This Retreat is an exquisite experience – an abundant reset journey. An opportunity to adopt an attitude, and learn anew how to take the responsibility to treat ourselves with more softness, patience, love. You will gain skills for life – in the kitchen and beyond, during the rituals you will connect with the elements, you will be empowered to use your own breath as a tool to relax, heal and remember the sacredness of intention, presence, words, dreams, actions.
It requires radical honesty, vulnerability and a safe environment, which i can hold for you by honouring each and everyones soul and envisioning our highest future. The flow of the program is inspired by my transformational journey and is designed in three stages: to awaken, transform, and a deep dive into our creative expression. Me and my co-creators Kevin (mentor & rebirthing breathworker) and Savastis (intuitive singer and sound journey host) will support the process and guide you gently to embrace our ultimate power – our authenticity.

Experience the full spectrum of practices in a cozy homey setting. This is very important part, as we shaped our believes and habits in a communion setting – our families. I believe we can reprogram, rewrite our past stories by looking at them from a new perspective.

When we become more present – we shine, we are open, we flow, we are radiant, we have a vision, we attract, we are healthy, joyful, prosperous, in peace. Start your own journey in community, supported, loved and very welcomed. Looking forward to open the gate and walk together step by step towards a joyous, meaningful life. By applying the attitude from the ceremonies – we are planting and nurturing the seeds in our hearts for an abundant & pleasurable life. This is the medicine!

I hope to share this experience with you,
with love and gratitude, Anita

The Experience

is inspiring sweetness, softness & slowness
awakening femininity and creativity
cultivating love, inner peace and acceptance
connecting with the elements & stunning nature
embracing our inner richness
movement, ceremonies, really nice food
for pleasure oriented life
experienced in a cozy location with stunning views
we will be living ourself fully in community!

18 – 22 OCTOBER 2022

we gather for 5 days, 4 nights
best to arrive 12-2pm on the 18th
departure 11-12 am on the 22nd

Day tickets available for the 19th, 20th and 21st October!



The Ceremonies

tea ceremony
rebirthing breathwork sessions
heart intelligence meditation
cacao ceremony
gong sound journey
walking sunset meditation
hike & picnic on a cliff in Deia
dancing & movement

The Food Experiences

Cooking Together a Feast Class
Divine Sweets – intuitive raw desserts class & cacao ceremony
Treasures at the local market – guided tour

Food by Anita

plant based, soulful, creative, nutrient dense, beautifully served.
The retreat fee includes daily light breakfast, one picnic, one brunch and three dinners.

Note: It’s a substance free event! No alcohol!

The Program

The Program is designed as a Retreat, however if you can’t attend all days an option to purchase daily tickets is available.

Tue 18th Oct
Opening DAY

Arrival from 14:00
16:00 Grounding practice & planting seeds.
Connecting with the elements & opening circle
19:00 Festive Sunset Dinner
(for all participants, including day tickets)

Wed 19th Oct
DAY 1: inner peace & awakening

8:00 Light breakfast
9:00 Tea ceremony in the mountains. Elements Earth, Fire.
10:00 Dance session
12:00 Brunch
13:00 Free time
15:00 Rebirthing Breathwork intro & sessions
17:00 Sharing circle
18:00 Cooking together a Feast. Cooking class.
21:00 Welcome Pleasure. Rose alchemy & Crystal sounds by the fire

Thu 20th Oct
DAY 2: transformation & integration

8:00 Light breakfast
Trip to Deiá
09:00 Tea ceremony
10:00 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions
12:00 Gong Sound Journey with Savastis
14:00 Hike along the coast & dip in the sea
15:00 Picnic & Sharing circle
*the program flow is subject to change depending on the weather conditions! 

Fri 21st Oct
DAY 3: creative expression & celebration

8:00 Light breakfast
9:00 Tea ceremony by the sea. Elements Water, Air.
10:00 Movement practice & beach time
12:00 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions
14:00 Free time for Lunch
16:00 Cacao ceremony
16:30 Divine sweets
18:00 Closing ceremony
Intuitive singing session with Savastis
20:00 Dinner in town (optional)

Sat 22nd Oct
Closing DAY

9:00 Light breakfast
11:00 Check out
12:00 Sóller market treasures
Free time/Departure


We are staying in two authentic villas on top of a hill, overlooking the valley of Soller and Fornatutx. The dreamy villas are embraced by the majestic mountains, offering tranquility, crisp mornings and cozy evenings by the fireplace.

Available accomodation:

house 1: room with 1 single bed, room with 2 single beds, room with 1 queen bed

house 2: two rooms each with 2 single beds

Book early to reserve your desired accommodation.

The practices are designed to be experienced outdoors.
If weather condition do not allow it we’ll gather indoors by the fire place.

Maximum number of guests: 8


Kevin – Tao the Sun

Kevin is a teacher, speaker and coach guiding you to true healing and well being through simple and logical wisdom of nature and the human body. He looks at the bigger picture of healing without ignoring the truths and laws of creation. By stepping into the unknown, experimenting and practicing with his own body, he first healed himself in many aspects in order to feel clear trust, intuition and truth. Kevin is a certified Rebirthing Breath Therapist, certified Coach for Cellular Regenerative Detoxification, Spiritual Purification Enthusiast and has a lot of experience with personal coaching and trauma release. Understanding creation, the true nature of man and mind mastery to live a life without obstructions and energetic blockages.

“Becoming pure energy and Be Love.”

Meet Kevin on Instagram: @taothesun

Sãvastis (to be Yourself) – Giñtarė

She will guide us with the sounds of gongs, singing bowls, Native American flute and other world instruments merged with vibrating mountains energy, birds chirping their secrets and olive trees hugging us with their wisdom. At the end of the session Giñtarė will be singing Lithuanian folk song to bring the support from our ancestors.

“It’s a vulnerable journey to meet Your true self, be open to receive the inner whispers to integrate to and fully live Your own legend.”

We meet ourselves, under the olive trees, held by the stunning Tramuntana terrains during our one day excursion to the charming Deia village.

Meet Giñtarė on Instagram: @savastis

Mallorca in October

this is my favourite month, as nature reveals her colourful palette, the mornings are fresh, the pink sunsets reflected on the mountain peaks, precious moments keep us in constant gratitude and support us on our journey of discovering the richness/ abundance within.

The Retreat Location

Day trip to Deia village

Your Host


Arrive at Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI). To get to Soller town you can explore these options:

by bus: Take Bus A1 from airport to Placa EspaÑa, goto the underground station and take bus 204 direction Port de Soller. Bus stop Soller Sud or Soller Center.
by taxi: To Soller town. Taxi will cost around 50 euro
by car: the ride is 25-30minutes.

A shared ride is highly encouraged. The participants will be connected in a group chat in advance.

Note for my Bulgarian community:
the retreat dates are synchronised with Ryanair flights from Sofia and back.

Book your spot

Full Experience
(incl. accommodation)
Ticket price: 699 EUR per person

tickets image

Day Experiences
accommodation not included!
opening ceremony & festive dinner included!
Ticket price: 199 EUR per person per day

DAY 1: inner peace & awakening

tickets image

DAY 2: transformation & integration

tickets image

DAY 3: creative expression & celebration

tickets image

(Ticket link opens a page to purchase your ticket. Payment methods: by card, Apple pay).
Bank transfer available by request.

It’s an intimate gathering with a limited number of participants.
Only a prepaid ticket guarantees you a spot!

All purchased tickets are non-refundable.
In case of a cancellation please inform me not later than 2 weeks prior the event, I’ll be very happy to offer you other dates at upcoming events and a chance to use the deposit within one year.

Food by Anita (the organizer) reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change the venue, date, and time of the event should unforeseen circumstances occur.

Magic happens when we come together with great intention.