Food Ceremony:
Sacred Heart

Tea Ceremony, Breathwork & Picnic

08 APR 2023
11-14h, SATURDAY
Vitosha Mountain
Sofia, Bulgaria

The new season of Food Ceremony is bringing ourselves into the present moment, to remember and reconnect to our true authentic self using all senses, by the power of our breath, rare wild tea served in ceremony, gentle sounds, nourishing food and nature, the silence within each moment. When we give the heart priority, we remember, we listen carefully, sense, flow, shake up what holds us back, and align with what needs to be expressed, released and embodied. We remember to walk through life gracefully and effortlessly.

We’ll connect to the elegant but fierce fire within our hearts.
Time to come out of the winter cocoon with a clear vision and fresh perception.

The theme is our heart – the power of the compassionate heart. Through Tea Ceremony we invite peace, in our own rhythm we quiet the mind and prepare the heart to expand, birth courage – so we can take up space, give voice to our desires, to act with kindness and compassion. The breathwork session has the potency to awaken our life-force and take us on a deep exploration, to welcome parts in us which are still hiding but so ready to be embraced. We will cultivate responsibility, to be radically honest, to find stability within, to generate the energy one needs to live life fully and authentically.

Our heart is a sacred space – a place of deep wisdom, universal intelligence, home of the soul. Being outside in Nature, connected to the elements, journaling, integrating, sharing and grounding ourselves with plant-based food are essential elements of the process.

On the Menu


Cha Dao – Tea ceremony in silence
Koshi & Nature’s healing sounds


The Compassionate Heart
Guided Breathwork Session
(read more about the type of breathing here)
Integration & Journaling


Creative Plant-based Picnic
Sharing circle


It’s an intimate gathering with a limited number of participants.

Only a prepaid ticket guarantees you a spot!

All purchased tickets are non-refundable.

In case of cancellation 48h in advance, I’ll be very happy to offer you other dates that work for you at upcoming events and a chance to use the deposit within one year.

Food by Anita (the organizer) reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change the venue, date, and time of the event should unforeseen circumstances occur.

Magic happens when we come together with great intention.