Food Ceremony

Tea Ceremony, Rebirthing Breathwork & Picnic

08 OCT 2023
10:00-13:00, Sunday
Vitosha Mountain
Bistrica, Bulgaria

Ticket price: 65 lv /per person

Food Ceremony is a powerful way to bring ourselves back into the present moment, to remember and reconnect to our true authentic self using all senses. Breath, Tea, Sound, Food, Nature, Silence, Chocolate, Pleasure, Yoga, Movement, Flow, and Connection – all together are a shortcut for experiencing a deep, conscious, intimate celebration. When we silence the mind and give the heart priority, we remember, we listen carefully, sense, flow, to shake up what holds us back, and align with what needs to be expressed and embodied.

In this Food Ceremony edition we will connect to elegant but fierce fire within our hearts to expand, we need to breathe, we will find our own rhythm to open, expand and birth courage to take up space, to speak up, to act with kindness and compassion. A powerful breathwork session will awaken our life-force and prepare us for an intimate exploration. We will learn to take responsibility to generate the energy we need to live life fully and authentically.

The Cha Dao practice will prepare our system to observe, listen and embrace what is. Followed by a Rebirthing Breathwork session we will have an opportunity to disolve stagnant energy, trauma and emotions through the very gentle circular breathing through the nose. An expansion, a sense of union, deep connection to Nature and oneself are common states during this type of breathwork.

We meet for the remembrance to live life fully, to celebrate ourselves – all aspects – they made us who we are,
to cultivate qualities we need to invite more of what our soul is longing for.

On the Menu


Cha Dao – Tea ceremony in silence
Koshi & Nature’s healing sounds


Embodiment practices
Rebirthing Breathwork
Integration and Sound experience


Abundant Picnic Food by Anita
Sharing circle


You may want to prepare for the session
by contemplating on these questions:

What are you willing to release/let go?
What keeps you awake in the middle of the night?
What holds you back from living your truth?
What is your greatest fear?

and finally…
If your heart was a garden, what would plant and grow in abundance?



Anita, your culinary artist, chocolate lover, gentle space holder,
trained cha dao ceremonialist, rebirthing breathworker, trauma informed practicioner.

Details will be provided three days prior to the event.

Ticket price: 65 lv /per person

The ticket link opens a page to pay by card.
Other payment options: or Revolut, (click to pay).

It’s an intimate gathering with a limited number of participants.
Only a prepaid ticket guarantees you a spot!

All purchased tickets are non-refundable.
In case of cancellation, I’ll be very happy to offer you other dates that work for you.

Food by Anita (the organizer) reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change the venue, date, program and time of the event should unforeseen circumstances occur.


We awaken all our senses.

We cultivate space for inner peace.

We connect by gently dancing in nature, in the kitchen and beyond.

We co-create.

Magic happens when we come together with great intention.