Thank you for allowing me to take you on a journey from basic brewing methods of Kombucha to more advanced ways of implementing Kombucha into your cooking, drinks and desserts for a rich in flavour, a tangy, deep, probiotic and enzymes rich experience.

Our gut is an important brain, responsible for our emotional and food choices. Ferments are supporting our gut health, made easy and affordable.

Our hero Kombucha, an unpasteurised ancient fermented drink is gold for our system. The milions of live organisms: bacteria, digestive enzymes are a precious cocktail with proven benefits. Apart from the health aspect, there is so much fun in brewing and finding your style and taste in each brew. There is so much room for exploration, so much freedom.

How to wild fermented veggies, we’ll be preparing my favourite Sauerkraut made of cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and ginger. Perfect way to add more flavour, excitement and colour on the abundant autumn table.

It was precious to share skills, knowledge and simply create together!




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Wild fermented veggies – Sauerkraut
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Anita, your culinary artist, a chocolate lover, passionate kombucha brewer, gentle sacred space holder, plant based expert and entrepreneur in health food industry.

We awaken all our senses.

We cultivate space for inner peace.

We connect by gently dancing in nature, in the kitchen and beyond.

We co-create.

Magic happens when we come together with great intention.