Explore the abundant word of fermentations. In this workshop I’ll take you on a journey from basic brewing methods of Kombucha to more advanced ways of implementing Kombucha into your cooking, drinks and desserts for a rich in flavour, a tangy, deep, probiotic and enzymes rich meals.

Our gut is an important brain, responsible for our emotional response, mood and food choices. Ferments are supporting the diversity in our microbiome. To make them at home is easy and affordable.

Our hero will be the Kombucha, this unpasteurised ancient fermented drink is gold for our system. The milions of live organisms: bacteria, enzymes are a precious cocktail with proven benefits. Apart from the health aspect, there is so much fun in brewing and finding your style and taste in each brew. There is so much room for exploration.

I’m happy to introduce you to the basic brewing method, offer ideas and successful recipes to flavour, serve and cook with Kombucha. My experience of over 12 years of brewing Kombucha will become available. This workshop is not a demonstration, you will be hands on to start your first batch and take your jars of goodness back to your home.

In the second part I will guide you through the process of wild fermented veggies, we’ll be preparing together my favourite Sauerkraut made of cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, ginger and spices.
Perfect way to add more flavour, excitement and colour to your meals. We’ll observe what is in season and what we could add to our jars.

On the Menu

Introduction to Fermentation and Gut Health
Kombucha basics. Brewing methods and flavour ideas
Wild fermented veggies – Sauerkraut
How to cook with kombucha – recipes we are exploring and tasting:
Cashew cheese spread
Cashew cream for desserts

High-quality ingredients for your creations
Recipes & inspiration e-book
Post workshop support group (WhatsApp)

You go back home with:

Knowledge about something epic
Experience of how things are done in a practical way. We learn by doing things.
Kombucha starting kit – a small jar with SCOBY & starter liquid, tea and sugar for your first brew.
The jars with sauerkraut and veggies you made during the workshop.
Perhaps a few new friends – fellow fermentation lovers.



22.04.2023, Saturday

Ticket price: 55 euro /per person

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I hope we’ll have the chance to ferment together!

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Only the in-person workshop is limited to 8 participants.
All classes include a Kombucha starter kit. Note: Shipping cost not included.
Only a prepaid ticket guarantees you a spot! All purchased tickets are non-refundable.
In case of cancellation 48h in advance, I’ll be very happy to offer you other dates that work for you.

Food by Anita (the organizer) reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change the venue, date, and time of the event should unforeseen circumstances occur.


Anita, your culinary artist, a chocolate lover, passionate kombucha brewer, gentle sacred space holder, plant based expert and entrepreneur in health food industry.


The kitchen and outdoor space of my home in Soller, Mallorca,
The stunning Tramuntana around us will be the HOME of our culinary experience.

Magic happens when we come together with great intention.