One-Day Food by Anita Experience

Retreat yourself and experience all the magic of Food by Anita among a like-minded group of women at an exclusive urban location. One full day of co-creating and baking up our personal uniqueness, entrepreneurial, authentic branding and cooking through talks, workshops and little ceremonies, tailored to your goals and needs.

I’ll share with you my experience, tools and magic from my 12-year overnight success. Long story short – building two incredible global brands, raising a family and keeping myself alive and healthy, has brought me on an incredible journey. I’m truly passionate to share what has broken me and what has built me up continuously over the years. By keeping it filter-free and honest we will make a difference, build confidence and learn from each other. During this one day, we will work on how to make your brand stand out, find your unique selling point, explore the power of storytelling, Clear the dusk from the purpose you’ve locked inside you for far too long and create a vision of how to send it all straight into the hearts of your customers. If you are a brand owner, have a personal brand, or you work for a cool company and you face some of those struggles, you’ve already done everything you could possibly do and the challenge of starting or scaling up still remains!


Together we will get our hands dirty (with chocolate) and our mind and goals clearerIt’s time to embrace the fact that we can achieve more impact by doing less

Effortlessly. Together.

Join me if you think this experience is right for you.

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On the Menu


delicious, simple, beautiful, plant-based
Food by Anita cooking classes – lunch and raw cookie workshops


authentic branding, purpose, mindset
teamwork & sustainable leadership sessions


mindfulness, rituals and nourishment
tea & cacao ceremonies


Upcoming Retreat

Can’t wait to share with you soon!

Sample Schedule

09:00 Arrival
Welcome Circle
Tea ceremony & Meditation
Session 1: Intentions, Purpose, Passion & Authenticity 
Session 2: How to build an Authentic Brand
Food by Anita & friends – cooking lunch together
Session 3: The secrets behind mission-driven companies, entusiastic teams and loyal community
Session 4: Workshop: Let’s make your brands even more awesome!
Food by Anita & friends – raw cookies workshop
Sharing circle.
Cacao ceremony, cookies & self-care.
Your feedback is very welcome.
17:30 Time to say goodbye.
* this program is subject to spontaneus change for the benefits of the group.

This retreat is for you if you are a

Brand owner, creative entrepreneur, female founder with a big vision who wants to start or scale up your business venture. Also, if you are striving to craft a brand, or maybe simply passionate about cooking classes. You are welcome to join the experience. There’s no App for this!


Food by Anita Experience is a powerful and intimate
gathering limited to 12 participants!
Places are limited and are expected to sell out quickly.


(More info is on the way to your mailbox)


Feel free to ask me anything. For further details please contact me.

Looking forward to meeting you!