Food by Anita – The Experience

Retreat yourself and experience all aspects of Food by Anita among a like-minded group of women at an exclusive location in a small town south of Barcelona. One full day of co-creating and baking up our personal uniqueness, entrepreneurial, authentic branding and cooking. By creating a safe space, empowering and gifting each other, we’ll allow ourselves to shine bright and inspire one another. It’s time to embrace the fact that we can achieve more impact by doing less.

Effortlessly. Together.

I will share with you experience, tools, and magic from a 12-year overnight success. Long story short, I’ve gathered vital experience by building two incredible global food brands and the necessary tools to create, bond and motivate a team to believe in those brands as much as I do. I’ve also raised a family and kept myself alive and healthy along the way. The past year has been truly transformational and has brought me on a magical journey, which I am thrilled to share. I’m truly passionate to share what has broken me and what has built me up again and again. By keeping it filter free and honest we are going to make a difference, build confidence and learn from each other.

Food by Anita Experience is supported by local guest speakers and experts within the group.

We will keep it simple and together as a group will go through the process behind building an empire, staying true to our passion and become experts in mindfulness and delicious food. It’s time to be bold and show up. You will probably walk away with lifelong friends and a belly full of yummy food, yes, but moreover with the proper utensils to start and grow your side hustle into something remarkable and bring along your market and customers for the journey.


On the Menu


delicious, healthy and beautiful,
cooking classes Food by Anita & friends


authentic branding, purpose, mindset
teamwork & sustainable leadership


mindful rituals and nourishment, tea ceremony,
yoga, meditation, nature & creativity


Upcoming Retreat

Can’t wait to share with you soon!


Sample Schedule

Day 1
Welcome Circle + Snacks & Smoothies
Workshop Lunch: Food by Anita & friends – Inspired by Spain
Session 1: Intensions, Purpose & Authenticity 
Body & Mind: Mindfulness Walk & Chocolate meditation at the Beach
Day 2
Tea ceremony
Walk/ run in the forest/ Collect herbs
Workshop Breakfast: Food by Anita & friends: Breakfast & Snacks
Session 2: Authentic Brands for the International market
Session 3: How to build a mission-driven company, loyal communities, partnerships & customers
Session 4: Sustainable leadership, ruthless prioritizing & teamwork 
Dance it out
Day 3
Tea ceremony
Session 5: Social media – find the balance & get creative
Workshop Lunch: Food by Anita & friends – Mix & Match/ Picnic/ On the Go
Barcelona Food Experience: local markets & fave food places
Thank you Circle. Your Feedback is Welcome.
* this program is subject to a spontaneous change for the benefits of the group.

The Retreat includes

3 nights of accommodation in a typical Catalan house
3 Cooking workshops Food by Anita & Friends
Fresh & Tasty Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Smoothies
5 Sessions on Entrepreneurship & Branding
5 Body & Mindfulness sessions
Daily outdoor activities
Barcelona foodie tour – optional

This retreat is for you if you are a

Brand owner, creative entrepreneur, female founder with a big vision wanting to start or scale up your business venture.
Or, if you are striving to craft a brand that people will love forever, or maybe you are passionate about the cooking and styling classes. You are welcome to join the Experience, there’s no App for this!


An intimate gathering limited to 8 participants
Group of women only
venue: 30 min from Barcelona, Spain and 20 min from the airport
Includes transfer by car from Sitges train/ bus station to the venue
Flights to Barcelona, dinner and personal expenses are not included.


Food by Anita Experience is Application only!
For furthers details please contact me.


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Previous Food by Anita Experience

Food Founders, 02-05 March  2019, Spain

This special edition for the launch of Food by Anita Experiences brought together various Bulgarian female entrepreneurs to enjoy, learn and share. The female founders who started the Bulgarian health food movement approximately 12 years ago. They never met before, but are now deeply connected through education, co-living, rituals, cooking, and endless laughter.


“My own nature may not be the calmest of seas, and a leisure weekend is certainly not the thing that is on top of my mind. But Anita’s retreat has a dynamic and energy that I had never experienced before! Thank you for making a connection between all of us in this inner circle. For creating a medium where our voices are heard, shared and enriched by each of the wonderful women that were part of the retreat. And for showing me that life is best lived in balance – between the tranquility of the mind experienced in the tea ceremonies each morning, and the power of our minds and ideas shared in our daily conversations. Truly showing us a path to a healthier, more beautiful and brighter future!”

Rosica Petrova, founder, Home of Wool

“When you follow your dreams and heart I will guarantee you that the result will be beauty.
To be authentic and loyal to yourself is the first and very important rule in life and business.
If only every one of us can keep this simple truth and we create beauty & love the world will be the best place to live. Thanks to @foodbyanita for all the beauty and love you create and reminding us how powerful we can be just by following our hearts“.

Brigitta, Balev Bio Market