Cooking Classes – live virtual experiences

I invite you with a wide-open heart and door to my magical kitchen, where I gift you with skills, shortcuts, and easy techniques to prepare food mindfully with the purest intention to nourish our bodies, minds, and souls. Cooking is a sacred ritual just like any other type of moving meditation. It’s a ceremony that connects us with nature and its gifts, to awaken and evoke all our senses, and to create a pause from our daily routines. My 28 years of professional cooking experience and a giant dose of playfulness with food – from owning restaurants, a bakery, vegan deli, factory, and international food brands, hosting workshops for children and corporations, and being a mom of two girls, is now being transformed into an easily digestible format for you to create amazing food at home while we connect and submerge into the process virtually.

Together in this Cooking community, we will develop SKILLS to create, cook and bake, to become confident, and have trust in our outcomes. Since we have done our preparations and steps properly, we will boost our creativity, liberate our spirit, and transform ingredients into soul-nourishing divine tasting food. To be flexible in the kitchen is a must, to grow and pick up at least our herbs is a sweet bonus, so that food waste is reduced to a minimum. As always, beautifully served, with care and kindness. Yes, especially, when it’s a meal meant for just ourselves.

my sacred values in the kitchen

Mastered basics and high-quality ingredients are the keys to successful cooking and baking. SIMPLE.

I have zero patience for complicated recipes. I’m a bit lazy and see this as an advantage. It has to be really QUICK.

We are CONFIDENT to step into owning, not outsourcing, our food. our three times a day or more energy source and medicine.

We are FLEXIBLE so we can reduce food waste precisely where it happens most – in our homes.

With pure INTENTIONS, care, and kindness we create deliciousness. Let the food you create be BLESSED.

You are SUPPORTED. I’m available for you and your cooking mastery.

You are not left alone with some unrealistic online recipes that never look as good in reality, which can leave you bitter and frustrated.

And one more, please DON’T FOLLOW my recipes (except for baking), but get truly inspired! We co-create!

Current Offerings

Summer feast:
Divine sweets & drinks

coming soon!

Cooking as Ceremony

Learn to prepare stunning, divine tasting gluten-free, and plant-based desserts.
Advanced is mastered basics – says my Zen teacher. It’s valid in life and cooking is not an exception. Together we will explore 8 basic techniques which will ultimately gift you with confidence, experience, liberation, and flexibility in the kitchen. 

Introducing the basic and advanced techniques in plant-based, raw & baked gluten-free desserts and how to play with them. Learn how to mindfully create a summer feast with cooling the body and mind sweets and drinks to take you on a multi-sensory journey of surprises, splashes of flavours and nourish you with joy – to uplift yourself and your favourite people.

Nothing is sweeter than a dessert made by you!

Group class via a Zoom conference. 

Duration of class 1:30h. Recording after class is available.
The class is taught in English.

The magic being served…

Live virtual cooking class with me Anita.

Mastering 5 summer desserts & 5 drinks for your homemade summer feast.

Create-along while asking questions for in-depth exploration.

Discovering my secrets behind batch-cooking to save time and effort. 

Cooking from the comfort of your own home.

The shopping list with ingredients needed, will be sent to you in advance.

Virtual group experience, making new friends and connections with common interests.

Celebrating our creations by the end of the class.

Staying connected and supported in an Instagram chat group (if you like that).

This cooking experience is perfect…

starting point if you are in a transition to plant based diet

if you have little or no experience in making plant-based desserts

if you are experienced, but seek connection and excitement for your tastebuds

It’s going to be a calm and productive cooking party!

For your inspiration

Your Chef & Host

culinary artist, lover of all things simple, effortless and nourishing!

I can’t wait to share my energy, experience and excitement for creative food with you!

Cooking Club

I’m showing up to gift you with…

Soul nourishing high vibe food

Quick and easy recipes

Step by step video instructions to create, cook and bake along

Simple, accessible ingredients

Plant-based, mostly gluten free recipes


Health-conscious and comforting food

Beautifully served. Always.


“Girl!!! After I discovered you last week…I’m sooo in inspirational mode. I have never loved cooking in my life but after small changes in family members health…I had to start to discover vegan meals for my family …and ou boy how I love this vegan world and after discovering your account I became to imagin myself as a lifestyle cook…since i really really understand now how it may feel as a meditation…where have I lived so far, so thank you for sharing your life…I love love love your food!”

Maria, UK

“Thank you for the wonderful recipes! It’s so well explained that I couldn’t do anything wrong. 

Nina, Bulgaria.

“Best inspiring page for awesome food”

Elena, Portugal


Be a special guest in my magical tiny kitchen.

photo credit: @goldenhourpictures