Cooking Class:
Divine sweets


Cacao Ceremony, Cooking Class
Sunset Gathering


Cooking as Ceremony

In this guided Raw Sweetness cooking class we develop skills to create easy and gorgeous raw desserts and connect to the elements and the spirit of sacred cacao. It’s a journey of becoming confident in the kitchen and beyond, to have trust in our outcomes, to allow our creativity to flourish, liberate our spirit, and transform ingredients into soul-nourishing divine tasting desserts.

I invite you with a wide open heart into my magical secret garden, embracing you with a sacred cacao ceremony to connect to our essence, and speak the language of the heart, to allow yourself to be held by nature’s sounds and meditate with the setting sun in a small intimate group.


On the Menu

Sacred cacao ceremony
Cooking Class: Divine Sweets
mastering 3 basic technics in raw vegan desserts
High-quality ingredients for your creations
Sunset Gathering


Magic happens when we come together with great intention.