Cooking Class:
Divine sweets


Cacao Ceremony, Cooking Class, Sunset Gathering

29 JULY 2021

Cooking as Ceremony

In this guided Raw Sweetness cooking class we will develop skills to create easy and gorgeous raw desserts and connect to the elements and the spirit of sacred cacao. It’s a journey of becoming confident in the kitchen and beyond, to have trust in our outcomes, to allow our creativity to flourish, liberate our spirit, and transform ingredients into soul-nourishing divine tasting desserts.

We gather around fire, food, cacao, alchemy, earth and skies.
We shift our awareness by tuning into our tinkling internal beats.
We, the creators of magnetism and divine desserts.
We raise our frequency to cultivate new forms of attitude, perception and response.
Conscious individuals form a healthy community.
Together we journey towards our sweet destiny.

We connected with cacao spirit, the roses growing on our land and the alchemy crystal singing bowl frequency – my debut performance ;). We explored depths of your souls, to pause from routine – creating stillness, silence is essential, how else shall we hear, smell, touch the internal multi spectrum light? It takes courage to arrive in the circle and to allow to experience what we did today! Your hand and heart crafted desserts are a symbol of all of the above – an expression of your soul and our synergy! We created something extraordinary… a recipe for connection to self and others, around the candle light on a hot summer evening we speak the language of the heart, we allow ourselves to be held by nature’s sounds and meditate with the setting sun in a small intimate group.

Divine sweetness
experienced within!