The Ceremony bowls are a sacred vessel, a mirror, a tool for our remembrance, to serve us greatly in the process of refinement of our senses and experience, to inspire us to be our purest expression.

Each Ceremony bowl carries an imprint of the impermanent nature of things and the infinite opportunities each moment holds for us. It’s a piece of earth, water, fire, air… shaped by Paco’s loving hands, shapes and colours inspired by the land of Mallorca, infused with Anita’s intention to birth a precious tool to accompany our most intimate moments  to cultivate a new attitude of deep care, kindness, honesty and to feel the subtle matter in between each second, each sip, breath, sound… sensation. That richness, sweetness in a state of peace, union and acceptance is profoundly inspiring to live fully present.

May these Ceremony Bowls serve well your remembrance of your divine nature! Each season a small new batch of these beauties will be available to join our hearts and enter our homes.

Intentionally hand crafted ceramics for Food Ceremony events
in collaboration with Paco Romero – P.Ceramica.Primitiva, Mallorca

How to choose a Ceremony Bowl

The Ceremony Bowls are hand-build earthware. Each piece is telling a unique story, courageously imprinted on its organic, nature inspired surface.

Choosing your Ceremony Bowl is an intuitive process.

It could go like this: Have a first look, then close your eyes, take a long and deep inhale followed by a profound and relaxing exhale. The breath connects us with our body. Then have a second look… take your time to observe the bowls and simply notice how your body responds to each bowl you feel drawn to… Follow your impulse. There is a reason why you feel called by one bowl and not by another.

Trust the wisdom of your body. Your body knows.

Price: 45€ per bowl
Shipping costs not included.


The New Collection

 Alchemy of dark and light.

Select your bowl or two, or create your ceremony bowl set!
By appointment only! Contact me via email.

A few of my favourites…

Autumn Collection

Autumn whispers – it’s time to journey within, listen deeply, step gently…

only 1 available!

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Summer Collection – Sold out!

The Artist

Paco Romero – P.Ceramica.Primitiva is a Mallorca based ceramist, sharing his greatest inspiration and passion through his art. He is a gentle, grounded soul, an alchemist of the elements, deeply inspired by nature’s landscapes, textures, colours, the simplicity of things – pure & primitive. Paco transmits his innate flame into each unique piece he gives birth to.

“This collection is inspired by the earth, the different layers it consist of and the way it has developed over thousands of years.”

Meet Paco on Instagram  @p.ceramica.primitiva

Your First Ceremony

These Ceremony Bowls are suitable for serving rare ceremonial teas, plant medicines – infusion of rose, or lotus, cacao ceremonies. Serve in these bowls with intention. Ideally you create a daily practice, and each time you sit and sip it’s like a shortcut to a state of peace. The Ceremony an invitation for our heart to melt, open, liberate… precious time to be radically honest and intimate with oneself.

Chose a spot at home or in nature. Sit comfortably, you are responsible for your own comfort. Arrange your space, a tiny corner with object that matter to you, light a candle, smudge. Keep it simple, intentional and harmonious.

Place a few tea leaves or dried roses (use only Rosa Damascena) into your bowl and pour in the hot water. Let it sit for a moment before you start siping with awareness. Observe the transformation in the bowl, connect with the warmth, the texture of the bowl, the steam, aroma, and the ever changing colour of the liquid, the opening of the blossoms or leaves… allow nature to be part of your experience – look around, what do you notice, hear, find the peace in this moment of expansion… Relax and plant the seed of your intention.

It’s so precious and deeply transformational to dedicate time to get to fully sense oneself. How else could we serve ourselves if we don’t listen?

This is a quick guide. Feel welcome to join any of the online and in-person ceremonies hosted by Anita to be introduced into a practice that has so much power, softness and capacity to transform us deeply.

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It’s an opportunity to choose your Ceremony Bowl in person.

“Grateful for each moment of this collaboration, which allowed so much energy to be amplified. This is always a great sign! Celebrating a beautiful connection and friendship. Thank you, Paco! It’s an honour!”

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