16 SEPT 2023
11:00-13:30h, Saturday

A new fresh season of our sweet deeply relaxing outdoor gatherings begins – where we are celebrating life, sound, silence and all aspects of ourselves. Each experience is different, but the intention behind this collaboration remains deeply rooted in:

The slowness, SOFTNESS, subtleties in between each sip, sound, bite, breath… guided by Anita

The EXPLORATION of sounds, and how our system receives each wave, whisper, nature and @savastis deeply touching voice

The RECONNECTION with food in a sensual, conscious, pleasurable and playful way.

The GRATITUDE for every single piece & part of our journey that has made us exactly who we are today, we honor our journey with all our pleasurable and painful moments. The whole pallet.


Cacao ceremony & Meditation
Gong Sound journey
Divine sweets tasting
Sharing circle

A profound and sweet journey, co-created by

Anita, Giñtarė & Nature



Anita will embrace us with a sacred cacao ceremony. In silence and stillness we begin an intimate journey of reconnection to our essence, a remembrance to speak the language of the heart. It’s a beautiful process of inner refinement of our self-sensory experience – we listen, feel, taste, observe, awaken our senses. We allow ourselves to be held by nurturing earth, inspired by the infinite skies, touched by nature’s sounds and be activated by the ceremonial grade cacao and love frequency of the Bulgarian rose. Powerful and gentle at the same time, we integrate the polarities and invite softness.

Giñtarė will guide us with the sounds of gongs, singing bowls, Native American flute and other world instruments merged with vibrating mountains energy, birds chirping their secrets and olive trees hugging us with their wisdom. At the end of the session Giñtarė will be singing Lithuanian folk song to bring the support from our ancestors. It’s a vulnerable journey to meet Your true self, be open to receive the inner whispers to integrate to and fully live Your own legend.

Fully emerged in the frequencies of Mother Nature, majestic gong sounds, we meet ourselves, under the olive trees, held by the stunning Tramuntana terrains.

After the gong experience hosted by the talented sound alchemist Giñtarė the sweet journey continues with a soul nourishing Divine Sweets tasting created by culinary artist Anita.


Ticket price: 45 € per person

Please get in touch with Giñtarė to book your spot.

+34 637702280 via WhatsApp or Instagram @savastis