Birthday Ceremony

I’m your one-stop birthday experience shop in Mallorca!

The shift in consciousness can be observed in the way we do simple things and big things – the way we choose to celebrate, share our energy and amplify what we want more of in this lifetime. I have the honor to enter spaces and intimate celebrations of sweet souls and their closest ones – families and friends. I hold space gently and create with intention. Together we amplify.

Choosing to sit in ceremony with friends is a courageous act, it requires vulnerability, honesty and love to sit in silence, to really meet for a deeper connection, beyond words and stories. It’s so fulfilling to create space for conscious and exciting ways of coming together to celebrate someone’s precious presence.

Celebrate your divine nature

Birthday cake + divine sweets platter.

Cacao ceremony + crystal bowl heart meditation + praising circle + dinner + cake.

Cacao ceremony + gong sound journey + intuitive singing & dance ritual.

Divine sweets cooking experience + Cacao Ceremony

Here to fulfil your birthday wishes!

Let’s connect and explore.