Basics: Oatmeal Cookies

Perfect setting for an afternoon break. I bake these easy cookies on Sundays and store them in an airtight container. One way of keeping healthy snacking during a busy week. Options are endless, you may bake them plain (which I prefer), add chocolate chips or spice them up like a gingerbread to match the season. Be aware they bake pretty fast, stay close to the oven and don’t allow the cookies to turn golden brown as they might start to taste a bit bitter.

15 min or less
4 main ingredients
makes 8-10 cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

All you need

1 cup (70g)  oat flakes, fine
4 tbsp (60ml) coconut oil, melted
3 tbsp (45ml) coconut blossom nectar (or substitute with any other liquid sweetener)
2 tbsp coconut flour
pinch of: sea salt, ginger, cinnamon


Sprinkle some magic

white or dark chocolate chips
ice cream
salted coconut caramel recipe (click here)
banana chips

Oatmeal Cookies

How to make

Preheat oven to 160C.
Blend half of the oatmeal flakes. Mix all ingredients together.
Grab a spoonful of the dough and place on a tray covered with non-stick paper.
Use the back of a spoon to flatten into a round thin cookie shape.
Add some magic by adding chocolate chips or leave them plain.
Bake for 6 minutes or right before they start to turn golden brown. Don’t multitask, they get burned so easily 😉
Allow cooling on the baking tray, as they might be still soft.
Once completely cooled place in an airtight container for best storage conditions.

Oatmeal Cookies

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